Thursday, February 21, 2013

my creative space

Lots going on in the space since I've been back, I've been re-working some old designs, developing new products for the BrisStyle market on Friday night and refreshing my macramé knots for Saturday's Brown Owls meet up.

Whipped up some little coin purses for the market, stay tuned, they'll be in the shop soon.

Getting my knots on for plant holders at Brown Owls on Saturday morning, I'm finding lots of uses for these including holding little led tea lights at the market on Friday night.

There was a little rush of pencil cases this week, in particualr everyone seemed to be going for blue dogs and bikes :)

Looking forward to having a cuppa today and checking out more spaces here.


Jill said...

Those little coin purses are adorable! I love the little stitched animals - what a lovely touch! Hope you sell lots at your markets!

Kirsty said...

Beautiful as always.

Love the knotted plant holders.

Anonymous said...

Love your work. The embroidery is so cute!

My Brave True Hero said...

Nice work of art and the designs are simple, but it is attractive.