Friday, March 6, 2015

macaroon purse workshop

Do you love using up fabric scraps? Come along to Brown Owls on Tuesday night, 100% hand-sewn, these little purses are ultra cute gifts, perfect for storing little treasures.
Tuesday 10 March, 6:30-9pm
The Nest, 720 South Pine Road, Everton Park
Cost: $10 Bookings here
A materials list will be provided when you book!


Ginger Sanches said...

Wow! They are so sweet! And I have just thought up what I would like to keep there. I want to buy not less then three.... no, four))) Thanks for sharing. Maybe someone will have a desire to write about home-made things a paper. Then you can use the service

post said...

These tiny boxes can hide a wonderful present inside. Good idea for a ring or other jewelry. I hope they will be very popular.

yvtcreed said...

These things are so cute! They are so little and funny and will fit to every celebration. I know that can produce such treats for you in a huge amount.