Monday, January 25, 2010

australian bass

Australian Bass hand-embroidered on hemp and yak hair

Did you fish a lot as a kid? We did, at crazy hours of the morning for 6 hours plus at a time. We even have trophies for it which is kinda funny for 3 girls. The best bit was the element of surprise waiting to see what type of fish would fly out of the water. The worst bit was a toss up between peeing into a bucket in a dingey in the middle of the Broadwater or smelling like dried live bait and scales for most of the day.

I think this Australian Bass is in desperate need of a frame, could make a nice gift for a fisherman/woman, because everyone knows one of those right?

(btw: The hemp and yak hair is from Duckcloth and while it's not vegan friendly it is divine to work with, it has a super soft texture compared to most linen and/or hemp blends)

back to school

Now, I know that some of you had a giggle when the tissue cosy was launched last year with the cheesy line "because it's nice to reach for something that makes you smile when you need a tissue" but sometimes a little cheese goes a long way. Big thanks to Handmade Kids for featuring the tissue cosy in a Back to School post this morning, in their words "for the mum that is sending her little one off for the first day of school". And thanks to Bel for the heads up :)

Friday, January 22, 2010


These little critters are taking a stroll over the bridge to Nook tomorrow along with a bunch of eco felt lavender scented birds. If you live in or are visiting Brisbane and you haven't been to Nook then you're missing out on some essential retail therapy! Check it out at 19 Browning Street, West End.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

lovely clusters

If you haven't paid a visit to Lovely Clusters I highly recommend doing so. It makes shopping on Etsy super easy for those who love lovely things. Plus e&l now has a little spot there, check it out here :)

Sunday, January 17, 2010


A bit of experimenting with texture using a single strand of embroidery thread. I'm trying to put aside 2 hours each week to work on some one-off pieces. I have no idea what this will end up being, it's small enough to be a brooch but maybe not striking enough...

Any suggestions?

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

local love: moose & bird

Don't you love it when you come across a new Etsy seller who's work you just adore only to find she's a local! I'm so in love with these sweet moose & bird cushions made from new and recycled fabric and doilies. Pure bliss! Check out more moose & bird products on Etsy, madeit (for those who prefer AUD) and the brand new blog.

Monday, January 11, 2010


It's been a little while between posts, lots of re-thinking of things, sorting, taking time out, planning, being inspired, a little research, all at a very, very slow pace. There's new plans ahead for 2010 but not the sort of plans that are going to drain me, more the sort of plans that have always been floating around in my head but have never really blossomed.

Of course there will still be this sort of stitching

but maybe with more of this sort of stitching

I'm thinking a dash of one-off

and a little less repition

That means more interesting stuff for you to look at and less markets - but when the markets do happen they'll be better than ever and a little more special.

Happy to come along for the ride?