Friday, June 27, 2008


Purple isn't a colour that i'm drawn to very often until this custom order came along.

I have to admit I quite like the colour combination.

We have a couple of days of chatting then he's off to his new home.

I've been a little busier than expected this week with my first wholesale order, more on that in a couple of weeks. In the meantime I'm leaving you with some new fabrics I purchased recently from Duckcloth.

I saw all of these earlier in the year and I don't know why I didn't order them then and there.

They're a mix of cotton and linen so a little sturdier than I usually work with but I think that's a good thing. They can be found in the Japanese - Novelty/Children section.

P.S. In massive news, my little sis is pregnant and found out this week she's having a girl (of course)! This will bring my niece tally to 4. Hooray for girls!

Monday, June 23, 2008

if life were this simple (historical village, romania)

If life were this simple,

I'd spend more time in the kitchen.

If life were this simple,

there would be time to make my own textiles.

If life were this simple,

I'd visit the neighbours.

If life were this simple,

I'd paint my front door too.

If life were this simple,

I'd make beautiful lace curtains from scratch.

If life were this simple,

what would you do?

Thursday, June 19, 2008

cuddly cat

someone wants a cuddle...

and she isn't one to wait around for it...

so go get her from etsy (US$) or madeit (AU$).

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

i rate this

when you see this

it means i want to share something with you, so click on it, go on, and then let me know what you think.

bucharest, romania

Bucharest was once referred to as "little paris"

the lonely planet now calls it the "wild west of eastern europe"

Nicolae Ceauşescu was the leader of Romania from 1965 - 1989. during this time Romania became a communist-ruled country.

in the 1980s secret police maintained control over speech and the media;

a rampant AIDS epidemic is said to have been created by the regime's refusal to acknowledge the existence of the disease, and its unwillingness to allow for any HIV test to be carried out;

Ceauşescu exported the country's agricultural and industrial products to pay for foreign debts, citizens had to fight for survival, this went on till late 1989.

over one fifth of central Bucharest was demolished in the 1980s, in order to rebuild the city in Ceauşescu's own style.

a revolution removed him from power in December 1989, he was sentenced to death for crimes against the state, genocide, and "undermining the national economy."

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

bloggin' time

i've added a blogroll to my side bar (called blogs i'm reading). if your blog isn't there it means i'm not reading it so please leave me a comment with your blog link and i'll check it out and add it. i know it's a long list but i really couldn't cull any, maybe i'll organise them a bit better instead.

new bears

two new bears have joined the family. i think this one's my favourite so far, i love her dress and when i see her she makes me smile. she is sweet bear.

and here is another bright bear, basically the same as the previous bright bear. i'm not a big fan of creating the same thing twice but she was pretty popular.

both are available in the shop or for australian buyers go here.

i think i'll vary the pattern slightly for the next series, maybe do some cats with eyes open. yeah, i think i'm ready to tackle eyes open now.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


there are 4 babies on their way this year so there was some serious bib making going on over the weekend.

i used the pattern from amy karol's bend the rules sewing. the front is 100% cotton and the back is microfibre which dries quicker than terry towelling. the animals are appliqued on the front.

this one is still in the shop

or go here to purchase in australian dollars.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

work in progress

after an exhausting but rewarding weekend on the eyeline stand at art brisbane, followed by a nasty bug, i'm slowly adding another bear to the family. i've improved the design and am averaging one sale per week, pretty happy with that at this stage.

just looking at her makes me want a cuddle. face to be added soon and then to the shop.
if you happen to be in brisbane go check out the sidney nolan retrospective at qag, those of you in sydney and melbourne probably have already seen it. i got lost in his paintings today at the media preview. words cannot describe how inspiring his work is.

budapest, hungary

i couldn't resist one of these cute hungarian dolls for my niece

dreaming that this cafe is my local

budapest zoo

thought it was about time i started sorting travel photos again ... budapest zoo