Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just hanging out

Cats, originally uploaded by edwardandlilly.

It's been a busy week planning our trip and catching up with family and friends before we head off. Only 3 weeks today till we leave. I believe I'm at the awareness/shock stage now where I've realised in 3 weeks time I'm going to have a 2 month holiday. I think the next stage is panic/chaos but it will be worth it.

So, before I go there are a number of projects I need to finish off including gifts for birthdays that fall during the time we are away, a book cover for our lonely planet so we don't look completely like tourists, a scarf for James and a knitted headband on order. Could be tight.

This week was an online extravaganza. I joined Indiepublic which is the best creative answer to My Space ever and Facebook where I caught up with some old friends.

These little felt kitties were made for Leila and Ava so they had a present to open on Chloe's birthday. Both kitties received kisses and a day out at Movie World. The pattern is from Craft Issue #3.

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Chloe Apron and Miss Buttons

I've been working so much lately and finally had a weekend off so I finished an apron for my niece Chloe for her 4th birthday.
The details are really cute and she just planted her first camellia so I think she'll like the garden theme.

When I was in Melbourne in April I came across the Miss Buttons pattern
It is the easiest soft toy ever to make so I whipped one up with the scraps from Chloe's apron so she'd have a little friend to cook and garden with.

It's just over 4 weeks till we leave for our 2 month escape to Europe. I have loads of things that need to be designed, sewn, knitted etc before we go so I'll be moving along quickly over the next month.

One final thing to share is this flickr group Be warned though, it has the potential to consume hours of time ...