Thursday, September 29, 2011

my creative space...

It's happening again... I didn't think you would want any more but it seems you do... so I've been stitching away while my little home fills up with the smell of lavender.

The silly season is slowly creeping up as are the orders for little lavender birds, heading off into the world to make trees pretty. 

There's more creative stuff going on in more spaces over here ;)

And stay tuned, I have two (fingers crossed for supplies turning up in time) new products coming soon to be launched at the BrisStyle Indie Mother & Child Market next weekend!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

eighth day of the week :: granny ripple crochet tutorial

If I were miraculously granted an eighth day to this week I'd use The Lazyhobbyhopper's granny ripple tutorial and make something fabulous. I can already granny square so I reckon it'd be pretty easy to follow. 

The only problem being that when my eighth day comes to an end it could quite possibly end up on the pile of half finished crochet in the corner of my sewing room... 

But maybe you'd like to have a crack at it? Here's some ripple inspiration to get you in the mood.

And here's a few more tutorials and patterns you might like:

If you know of any other crochet ripple-y yumminess or have been working on some of your own let us know in a comment below.