Monday, January 28, 2013

hello 2013

Crochet edges: fine tuning some prototypes... 

Hello and welcome back to my little blog for 2013 :) 2012 was a huge year, I achieved big things for edward & lilly, some I worked hard on all year while others came along unexpectedly proving that if you put good (and crafty) energy out into the universe it all comes flowing back. 

 2013 will have a different focus, I'm itching to make loads of new products, to learn loads of new crafts and try loads of new things regardless of whether they are successful or not. It's all about the creative journey as opposed to the business/financial journey. 

 A big part of learning new things will be the huge program of crafty meet ups I have planned for Brown Owls (if you're in Brisbane check out the details here). I'm very excited about honing some crafty skills in areas I've dared not touch before and sharing everything I learn right here in this little bloggy space. 

 While tripping around Singapore and India taking in some incredibly inspiring art (it's a work trip I swear) I've also been working on some new brooches in the pic above combining embroidery and crochet. I'm hoping to have a nice limited edition run of these at the first BrisStyle indie Twilight Market on Friday 22 February and shortly after in my little shop :) 

 Exciting times ahead! I would love you all to stick around for more crafty goodness :)


moose and bird said...

Happy 2013 Rebecca. I hope your year is a lovely one x

Let's Makeup and Style said...

Hello mate nnice post