Thursday, April 25, 2013

my creative space

It's been a while since I've posted some pics of all the crafty goodness that's been happening in my little space. I'm gearing up for the BrisStyle indie twilight market tomorrow night with some new crochet brooches above, mostly made in my creative space on the bus ;)

Knotting away with my rag rug for the super popular Brown Owls meet up on Saturday. I'll post all my tips and tutorials I've found while researching this one soon. 

Country Boy and I did an amazing basket weaving workshop at Northey Street City Farm, I also learnt loads about the art of making miso, I'll post more about these workshops soon.   

Some amazing linen yarn arrived from here, it's a little thinner than I was thinking but I have a new project that it will be perfect for :)

Another fab Brown Owls meet up on the weekend at Brisbane Square Library learning crochet in the round and granny squares. So nice to know there are over 20 more Brisbanites on the crochet bandwagon after this one :) 

And finishing off some sweet custom orders :)

You can share your creative space or check out more over here, it's a great way to document what you're up to!

And if you missed my last post I'll be demonstrating lots of crafty things like rag rugs, how to make t-shirt yarn, macramé knots, crochet and more at the Brown Owls meet up at the BrisStyle indie twilight market tomorrow night, details are here.  

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

get your craft on with me!

This Friday night at the BrisStyle indie twilight market not only will I have lots of new stitched goodies available at my stall (preview coming soon) but I'll also be doing some little live crafty demos for Brisbane Brown Owls!

There will be a Brown Owls meet up happening next to my little stall on the deck above Groove Train in King George Square where you can pop in and pick up some crafty tips!

I can show you how to make t-shirt yarn, the basic knotting technique to make a rag rug, I can get you started with a bit of crochet, show you some basic macramé knots and more! Or just bring your own craft along and hang out with other crafty peeps :)

All of the details about the Brown Owls meet up can be found here and about the market here. There's also loads of other guilds, groups and crafters doing demonstrations and workshops on the night because it's also the launch of Saviours of the Lost Arts!

See you there!

Or leave me a comment or email me if you can't make it and you're after some hints or tips on any of the above :)

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

unfold design studio


There will always be a soft spot in my heart for anything made with an artisan's own two hands, I prefer my mugs to be wheel spun with initials carved into the bottom rather than mass produced. 

But at the same time I can fully appreciate the importance new technology plays in the ability for  artisans to achieve amazing new work, to break free of traditional methods and to embrace new ways of thinking, designing and realising.


Unfold design studio is doing just that. Through the use of a 3d printer they are able to take ceramics to a whole new level creating fine geometric shapes that otherwise wouldn't be possible. They're adopting a 'tool' to create new and interesting work and that tool is pretty amazing!

What do you think? Is there a place for both or does 'made by these two hands' rule?

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Takashi Iwasaki

Embroidery floss and fabric (hand embroidered), 35.5cm x 35.5cm. 2008. 
Copyright © 2008 Takashi Iwasaki. 

Embroidery floss and fabric (hand embroidered), 25cm x 25cm. 2010. 
Copyright © 2010 Takashi Iwasaki.

Embroidery floss and fabric (hand embroidered), 46cm x 38cm. 2008.
Copyright © 2008 Takashi Iwasaki.

Embroidery floss and fabric (hand embroidered), 41cm x 41cm. 2008.
Copyright © 2008 Takashi Iwasaki.

Appreciating the slow art of hand stitching in the incredibly inspiring work of Takashi Iwasaki. Next time someone comments on the enormous amount of patience I must have to hand-embroider I think I might just send them his way :)

Check out Iwasaki's full body of work here

Saturday, April 6, 2013

weekend inspiration

I love my second home... soooo much! I love the colour, the light, the texture, the pattern, the lines, the occasional symmetry, the reasons marks are in certain places and of a certain colour... it's a constant cascade of perfect design...

and I love the sweet little sounds indicating certain times of the day; the loud calls, the chittering and chattering you could set your clock to... Yes! I'm looking at you Spangled Drongo, I know exactly the time of day it is the moment you start gossiping ;)

They don't even know how inspiring they are :)

Friday, April 5, 2013

vegan sausage rolls

Last weekend Country Boy made vegan sausage rolls to celebrate our two years of bliss, cute hey! I've had a few people since I posted this pic on instagram ask me about the recipe. To be honest he used left over lentil loaf for the inside this time (so yummy!) but usually we use Cindy and Michael's amazing recipe which you can find here. I can guarantee this recipe is an absolute hit with kids and people who love their meat, it's that good!

Oh, we substitute the garlic powder for loads of fresh garlic too :)


Rebecca (& Wayne) xx

Thursday, April 4, 2013

shop update

As usual I've been having way too much fun stitching things that I love, that I want to wear, that complement my wardrobe and that I enjoy every step of the way from my first little sketches to sourcing materials to extensive research to that final moment when I finish an item and fall in love with it :)

Like everyone else though I have bills to pay, an oven to fix, a broken hot water system, a garden to grow and my health to invest in so all my creative goodness ends up in my little shop :)

Good news for you and good news for me too, because at the end of the day I love the thrill of knowing someone out there loves and wants to wear my little creations as much as me :)

All of my new brooches are one of a kind but don't worry I have about a hundred ideas per day so you won't miss out ;)