Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 Quick Questions: Red Seed Studio

I've always loved that Red Seed Studio's beautiful textile designs come out of Brisbane so I was very pleased that Ellie agreed to share her responses to 3 Quick Questions and equally excited to hear that Red Seed Studio will be participating in Brisbane's first Finders Keepers Market.

What inspired you to start creating?

I grew up in a very creative and artistic family. My parents built the house I grew up in, while we were growing up. I heard stories of them gathering reclaimed wood and windows, etc to turn into our beautiful home.

I have many many memories of sitting beside my mum, learning to knit or crochet. Or watching her sit at her potters wheel and making beautiful vessels, which I still enjoy using daily. We used to make paper and did woodfired kiln firings, and built sculptures from found objects (in the forest where I grew up). When I was young my sister, a friend, and I were given a big bag of bright fluro lycra off cuts; we spent many hours (possibly years) turning those scraps into Barbie doll dresses, sewing them all by hand.

I also was lucky to go to a Steiner school, where creativity was part of our daily learning - the writing and drawing and stories and dancing.

So, I guess it's always been in there in me. And once I had my children, and didn't want to go back to my full time job (which was creative in itself), I started doing little things and planning things that could make my natural talents turn into more than birthday presents for family and friends! Also, meeting my husband (11 years ago), we both knew that we had similar interests and talents, and always talked about working together, and not for someone else.

If you could spend more time on one thing what would it be?

In business life, I'd like to spend more time on planning new designs and styles. Sometimes I get caught up in having to make 30 of something, I never get time to rework it into all the images I have in my head for new products.

In personal life, I think I'd love more just free sewing time - I never end up sewing clothing for myself, and rarely even for my children. As well as catching up on all those long-overdue family gifts. And, I'd really like to some day eventually put all my photos into albums (and not just view them on flickr). And gardening - spending that quiet, earthy time in the garden with my children and the memory of my mother in her garden.

What's next for Red Seed Studio?

A busy six months ahead. We are finally (almost) able to start printing meterage fabric, as up to now we have only had a small table and space to do our work in. This has always been the goal, but we've just had to take time to get to it.

My husband, and business partner, Sam is currently designing a collection of skateboards and related t-shirts. He's a passionate skater, and wants to continue to incorporate that aspect of his life and knowledge into our products. He is also continuing to develop our range of jewellery made from recycled skateboards.

The very cool skate board brooch I treated myself to recently and as previously seen in this space

There is one other really big surprise that I'm planning with a friend. But you'll have to wait a few more weeks to hear the news.......

Since doing this interview Selvedge House is now under way, check it out here.

Red Seed Studio
Ellie's blog petalplum

Thanks so much Ellie for taking the time to answer 3 Quick Questions.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Time for a Giveaway!

To celebrate edward and lilly's acceptance into the Brisbane Finders Keepers market and to launch 3 new brooch designs in my etsy and madeit stores I'm having a giveaway!

Brisbanites may have seen these 3 cute critters around the place but they've only just made it into online stores this week.

Introducing Porcupine, Little Bird and Baby Owl Brooches.

All three are available in either black hemp or red, green or blue organic cotton canvas and can be purchased via Etsy in USD (where the postage is free for Aussies) or on madeit in AUD.

Now down to the business of giving away one of these brooches in your choice of design and colour. Entering is so easy:

Leave a comment for one entry...


Leave a comment and blog about the giveaway for 2 entries. PLUS if you win and you have 2 entries I'll throw in a little something extra for your efforts. If you don't have a blog you can mention it on your facebook, twitter or spread the news in any other way for 2 entries. Make sure you leave a comment so I know about your second entry.

The Giveaway ends at midnight on Friday 9 October. Entries are welcome from anywhere in the world.

Good luck everyone!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My creative space ...

I hit the ground running this week after 2 weeks in China. I spent most of the time at the art fair and in galleries but as you can see there was a little sightseeing, check it out on my flickr.

After flying back in on Saturday it was time to woman the BrisStyle co-op stall at the Racecourse Road Street Party on Sunday. I know it looks like I'm hogging all the space on the brooch board but rest assured I moved the Jetta's Nest Bloomin' Buttonhead brooches up toward front and centre. If you don't have a buttonhead yet you really must, there's a style for everyone especially with Sam's new ECO version.

With lots of other BrisStyle shared stalls I couldn't help myself, I had to do a little shopping:

- Super comforting chenille heat pack from the mother of chenille Bubbachenille.
- So freakin' cool and ingenious sunglasses case made from non-woven 'green' bags from Chicuff.
- Yes, it's those earrings that I've been eyeing off for sooo long as seen in a previous Saturday Shopping List from Up in Annie's Room.
- Some very cool cards from the very talented Sam of Jetta's Nest for the card stash.

And my pick of the day is this I-can't-believe-someone-used-to-stand-on-it-'cause-it's-so-pretty re-purposed skateboard brooch from Red Seed Studio. More about Red Seed Studio coming soon...

BrisStyle sure does have talent. If you haven't seen the new BrisStyle website yet check it out here.

While I was eating dumplings and shopping Shanghai style (what, did someone say it was a work trip? hehe) this little package of linen arrived and I'm so pleased with it. So, expect the linen quest to resume business in this space very soon.

And finally my creative space... the sewing resumed the day I flew in and lots of planning for the next 5 weeks is underway because, I'm very pleased to announce, that edward and lilly has been accepted for the first Brisbane Finders Keepers market on 31 October and 1 November. Is that the rustling of diary pages I hear from the Brisbanites? I hope so! For the full list of participants head here. The plan is to make it the calmest and most in control market prep ever :)

For more spaces or to show off your own head over to Kirsty's.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Blog Break and Market News

I'm taking a 2 week blog break while I head off to Shanghai for ShContemporary Art Fair and Beijing to check out some more art. I'll be back with more interviews, crafty stuff and linen quest posts.

For Brisbanites you can catch me and my embroidered brooches on the BrisStyle Co-op Market Stall at the Racecourse Road Street Party on Sunday 20 September from 10 am - 5 pm. It will be a huge day and there will be loads of BrisStylettes there with their wares so it's a great time to get some super early Christmas shopping done (or to treat yourself). Stay tuned to the BrisStyle blog for more details. Look forward to seeing you there!

3 Quick Questions: Mingus Designs

In 2006 I was taking a lunch break from a long day at the Melbourne Art Fair, I came across Little Salon and fell in love with the cutest brooch I had ever seen. That moment was my introduction to the world of Mingus Designs and the little white leather hippo with stitched eyes soon became my most worn brooch. Mingus Designs has come a long way since then. Dear, the talent behind it all, was kind enough to answer my three quick questions:

What inspired you to start creating?

I have always enjoyed creating. I enjoy the whole process of creating somethin
g from start to finish and the combination of creativity in terms of designing and experimenting and the methodical aspect when it comes to sewing or screen printing my fabrics. Seeing the finished product is still very exciting for me.

If you could spend more time on one thing what would it be?

At the moment I also work full time so sometimes it gets very frustrating when I find myself short on time to print and sew. Eventually Mingus Designs will be the only thing that I will be concentrating on in the future!
Flip Flap Bag

What's next for Mingus Designs?

Next year I will be looking into printing a range of fabric for people to purchase as well as expanding the range of purses and bags.

Check out Dear's full range of products and a list of stockists at Mingus Designs.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

My creative space...

Lots of sorting out and tidying up going on in the space this week before I head off to China on Saturday for two weeks (for work but there will be some play of course).

What's going down in this little section:

- Packaging an order for new stockist Reverse Garbage, eco-felt lavender birds and embroidered brooches are on their way.

- The new issue of Mix Tape in case of delayed flights and Mr Suave notebook from Jellygnite.

- A pile of books for book club. If you've read any Haruki Murakami I'd love to know which is your favourite?

There's also lots of organising of hand sewing into little travel bags, if only there was a way to take these on the plane then I would be truly happy, oh well guess I'll just have to force myself to take a break and watch some in-flight movies ;)

For more creative spaces or to show off your own head over to Kootoyoo.