Wednesday, November 23, 2011

gettin' crafty: more fun diy projects

Everything you need to know about using bleach pens to design your own fabric or to pretty up already existing linen, clothing, anything.

I'm totally in love with the pants bowl, just waiting around for my pants to get holes in them so I can whip up some of these!

The DIY Globe Garland from Poppytalk has made it to my little Brown Owls Project Options list over at Pinterest as the perfect paper craft project.

Hopefully we can get someone fabulous to run a Brown Owls screen printing craft along project for 2012 but if not there's always this fab tutorial to fall back on.

And a shower cap to pop on over all those super delicious Summer salads? Yes please! Check out Allyson Hill's eco travel lid, they'd make perfect stocking stuffers too.


Kylie said...

Never heard of bleach pens but very interested... still laughing about the pants bowl... loving the globe garland... sighing over that beautiful screenprinting image... and have the giggles about the shower cap salad cover too :)) You are a master finder Rebecca. Kx

ellie said...

Perhaps I could come up one weekend, for a little Brown Owls screen printing fun! (maybe in the later part of the year, rather than early). Let me know if you're interested in that idea. We could do it small scale somewhere.

Hope you well. E xxxx

Martta said...

Bleach pens are new to me too. I want to try them out. Good finds and thanks for sharing them with us.