Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 hand-embroidered brooches

Just re-stocked some sweet stuff at Cultiver in Ipswich.

 embroidered zipper pouches

embroidered tissue holders

red christmas birds - lavender scented

I don't really do wholesale anymore as my priorities have shifted slightly over the last year to focus more on this fabulous organisation and this sweet group so my time working on my own practice is a little more limited.

Having said that I couldn't resist taking up the opportunity to stock with Cultiver. I love Bec and Kyla's ethos and the crafty community they have developed in Ipswich so it was a nice fit for where I'm at with my own priorities of supporting handmade.

Not only a fabulous outlet for handmade, Cultiver also hosts a really exciting program of workshops, 'Craft your own Christmas' as well as regular demos and events. It's becoming quite the hub for the creative community of Ipswich and beyond.

Well done Kyla and Bec, I'm full of warm fuzzy feelings after sending these goodies your way ;)

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Jamie-Lynn said...

I love those embroidered dachshunds! I have a soft spot for dachshunds, I have two of them♥