Tuesday, October 11, 2011

eighth day of the week :: make your own tea bags

I really love fresh loose leaf tea especially since I've recently taken a break from my beloved coffee, in fact I'm sipping on the most delicious olive leaf and green tea as I type so when I spied this make your own tea bag tutorial I knew it had to go on my list of crafty goodness for when I'm granted my eighth day of the week.

I can think of so many good reasons for making your own tea bags, they'd make the sweetest gifts, they'd be especially cute popped in the post with Christmas cards, or in a package as a little additional handmade thank you to all the lovely Etsy shoppers out there. How nice would it be to have a handy stash of freshly blended tea bags when you're on the trot or to have a tea bag making morning tea, the possibilities are endless ;)

Plus there's loads of teas to choose from for your tea bags, here's a few that caught my eye...

All you need to know to get bagging is in these fab links:
A Beautiful Mess :: Loose leaf tea? Make your own tea bags!
Lillyella :: Tea Bags for gifts and favors (a more eco friendly version)
Crafting with Recyclables :: Tea bag notecard and envelope
Tea Wallet Tutorial very cute idea for carting your tea bags around in.

What do you think? Are you going to have a crack at it? If you do, leave me a little comment, I'd love to know how you go. And if you don't have time now you can always pop back later for all the links ;)

Happy sipping!


Kylie said...

Fabulous find Rebecca. I still love having my coffee but the Mr has been templing (ie. making his body a temple) and so loose leaf teas have been flowing aplenty here :) Thanks for this. Kx

littlechrissy said...

oooh this is an excellent idea!

Unknown said...

Yum ... another way to get me my tannins!

Fedulab said...

Wow Rebecca, you find always a wonderful things!
Cheers from Italy

Anonymous said...

I'm late to the (tea) party, but wanted to say thanks for the lovely mention of my Rose & Chamomile White Tea!


@ Marble & Milkweed