Thursday, March 19, 2009

Vote now for an important solar power proposal!

Do you know Molly from Apple Cyder? Well you should, her blog is lovely and her sister needs votes for a worthwhile solar power funding proposal. Here's a little snippet from the proposal:

"A humble off grid home and family of three needs a small solar electric off grid system to provide a safe and clean environment for child development, jumpstart our careers, sustain our family in future years, spark a progressive community based movement in our rapidly developing low income community, and clear the air of our generator noise/air pollution."

Voting takes two seconds, just scroll down to about half way down the page and click on Vote. If you have more than 2 seconds spare, spread the word!


Anonymous said...

Rebecca, you are so kind to do this. My sister will be so grateful. Thanks for your generous support. Molly

Kat said...

I voted! I hope they give her the solar power. It would be so unfair if they didn't.

Anonymous said...

This is applecyder's solar seeking sister. Thank you for your support and that of your readers as well. The first half of the month we were neck in neck and have fallen slightly behind but with the support of people like you we will surely pull through.
Looking forward to a brighter future.
Mahalo (hawaiian thank you)