Thursday, September 5, 2013

valuing process: little deer creations

In my own craft practice process is really important to me and I'm always inspired by fellow crafters who put time and effort into making their wares from scratch.

Dyani Evans, the eco crafter behind Little Deer Creations and I share a stall together at the BrisStyle Twilight Markets but it was only this year while scrolling through my instagram feed that I was truly blown away by Dyani's craft process. The careful selection of colour and pattern in the magazine pages to be upcycled, the cutting, intricate rolling and varnishing of each individual bead is not only amazing but also quite unique in a sea of crafted objects both online and at markets.

In Dyani's own words:

"I mostly use handmade papers and pages from magazines, but I've also used junk mail and business envelopes as well. Each strip is tightly rolled using a special tool, which is similar to the ones used in quilling, to form the bead. The ends are sealed with a little dab of glue. The beads are then given three coats of sealer to make them water-resistant."

"I love the simple beauty of paper beads. There is so much variation in colour and texture depending on the paper that's used to make them. When I use magazine paper to make my beads, I'm never quite sure what the final colour and pattern will be, and I love that element of surprise and discovery as the bead is rolled and the pattern emerges."

"I guess there are two main reasons why creating my own beads is important to me. Firstly, it fits with my passion for recycling. I love that I can create something beautiful and functional from scrap paper that may otherwise just be discarded. Magazine paper in particular is too glossy to use in my paper-making, so I'm pleased that I can use it to create beads instead! The other reason is more personal and relates to my feelings as an artist. To me, "handmade" is more than just assembling a few pre-fabricated components. It's about creating something from scratch. Something unique that reflects the maker, that captures a little of the heart and soul that goes into making it. Using my own handmade beads allows me to put more of me into my work, and I can proudly say "I made that"."

Dyani will be at the BrisStyle Eco Bazaar this Saturday 7 September from 9am-3pm at the Queensland Museum. You can also check out Little Deer Creations here and the Facebook page for more of Dyani's amazing handmade paper adventures, her thoughts on crafting an eco life and inspiration for incorporating more earth friendly materials in your own making.

Thank you Dyani!

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