Thursday, September 5, 2013

using the stash

crochet jars

I have developed what could be seen as a really bad habit of loading up on yarn from op shops this year knowing that either I will use it or it will go into the Brown Owls stash. This, along with my new found addiction to finding eco friendly yarns, has led to a huge pile of yarn almost as tall as me in the corner of the lounge room aka sculptural installation aka the naughty yarn corner.

crochet bowls

And so for the last month I figured with the BrisStyle Eco Bazaar looming I'd get my hooks out and use up as much thrifted yarn as I could.

crochet bowls - not sure if these ones will make it to the stall

Have I made a dent in the yarn pile?
Not yet. I may have accidently added to it... oops!

treasure collectors for beach walks and bush walks

Is my hand cramping and feeling permanently bruised on one side from too much crochet?
Yes! Not to mention the crochet callous. If anyone has any suggestions other than a good hand massage and putting the hook down let me know!

These goodies and loads more eco friendly wares will be on my stall at:
BrisStyle Eco Bazaar 
Saturday 7 September, 9am-3pm
Queensland Museum Whale Mall
More info about the market and all activities can be found here.

Plus Country Boy will be there and between the two of us we'll be manning my stall and teaching loom weaving as part of a Brown Owls meet up, all are welcome. Details here.

See you there!

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