Wednesday, November 7, 2012

a day in murwillumbah

So many beautiful handmade wares at Hey Maker! pop up shop, murwillumbah #heymaker
hey maker! pop up shop

 Ran into these cute little worry dolls from the #heymaker kids workshop today 
little worry dolls left over from the hey maker! kids workshop
helle jorgensen's amazing crochet baskets

@jettasnest and @kimonoreincarnate at #heymaker pop up shop, Murwillumbah

Could have spent all afternoon going through the vintage wares here 
huge collection of vintage and antique goodies plus moo moo stitches

the view at tweed river art gallery - coffee highly recommended

I can only be eternally grateful when I wake up at the tree house and country boy is all geared up for a day out treasure hunting at op shops, stocking up at the craft shop, visiting hey maker!, eating delicious vegan food and checking out the art gallery. 

Thank you Murwillumbah for the best day out and thank you universe for delivery of my soul mate.


Steph Bond-Hutkin said...

Hoooray!!!!!! I'm happy for you too. And lovely to see all these pics from Murwillumbah. xxx

ellie said...

Yah for soul mates! Especially when he lives in such a beautiful part of the world....

Hope to see you next time you visit our little town, looks like you had a lovely day.
E xx

Melanie Gray Augustin said...

It's just beautiful out there! I must get down there soon. And thanks for the picture of my brooches :)

Rabbit and the Duck said...

So beautiful! I'm moving to Murwillumbah in a few weeks and cannot wait to check everything out. I almost wish you hadn't posted that photograph of the vintage shop, I think it could be dangerous for me to visit : ) Would love to know your recommendations for good vegan food too x Shannon.