Friday, March 5, 2010

European linen from Thea & Sami

Have you seen the gorgeous European linen from Thea & Sami?

Thea now stocks three types of linen, each one very different to the other, I blogged Versaille natural unbleached linen previously here. Now it's time for a little bit about Thea's new stock Provincial and Petersburg (don't you just love the names).

Petersburg (above) is probably the sturdiest of the three but still has a lovely soft feel to it. Perfect for all types of crafts and definitely a winner for homewares. I love that the weave is tighter than some linen, making it perfect for embroidery. The combination of texture and shades of natural colour will make Petersburg perfect for my embroidery series on fish, more of which are coming soon.

Provincial, in my opinion, is a rare find. The colour is stunning and it's incredibly soft. When Thea first sent me a swatch of this one it was like stumbling across a delicate piece of fabric from a bygone era (ok, maybe I get a little over excited about these things). While it is more delicate than Petersburg it's as sturdy as any linen making it perfect for crafts, homewares and the weave is tight enough to create a detailed embroidery.

The highlight of Petersburg and Provincial is that they're both pre-shrunk!

Head to Thea & Sami to stock up.

And if you're also a linen enthusiast click here to dredge up previous rants on the subject.


posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Doesn't Thea's entire range just ooze style & quality, can't wait to meet her, Brisbane has some amazing designers. Love Posie

Tania said...

I love it when people get a 'little over excited about things'. It's infectious. Besides, you're linen reviews are always welcome!

Trish Goodfield said...

After years of nagging I only recently managed to convince my mother o give me some lengths of linen fabric she has had for over 50 years. I love linen. I'm not going to tell her I could buy new stuff, shemight want the vintage back.

Kylie said...

Thank you so much for this Rebecca! I have been looking at these on Thea's site (I love her linens too!) and wondering about them. Good to know all those details , especially the over excited ones!! :) Kx

Em said...

oh, they are just lovely! Talk about get the creative cogs turning!

Unknown said...

linen is so gorgeous, it always reminds me of my Mum. She is a linen tea towel ladies all the way