Saturday, March 27, 2010

easter gifting

There can be no doubting that most kids are going to receive loads of chocolate for Easter right? So, why not give them a treat that lasts a little longer, is better for them and supports the fabulous handmade movement. I love the nostalgia of paper dolls and once the chocolate rush is over these cuties from Little Mo and Friends are sure to be a girl's best friend on Easter morning. You can choose from 4 styles representing our 4 beautiful Seasons.

I really love the huge range of products at Pocket Carnival this year especially the sweet pencil cases. For all those little ones who have started school this year I reckon they'd love to go back after the Easter break with something as cute as this.

Mel from Retro Bird is all stocked up with so many pretty things that would make the most perfect little gifts. I'll be gifting a selection from the babushka range this Easter, I also love the pretty Easter egg necklaces and bracelets.

My nieces love it when I visit with a big bag of fabric scraps and some wooden peg dolls, there have been all sorts of creations made from those scraps, from batgirl to butterflies to a full fashion parade. I don't think any have been quite as perfect as Enchanted Belles' clothespin dolls, there's a gorgeous range of dolls including this Japanese inspired one, Alice in Wonderland and sweet wedding cake toppers.

Found any special Easter gifts? Leave a comment I'd love to hear about them.


Pesky Cat Designs said...

Your post made me nostalgic for those "paper" dolls that I had when I was a kid that had clothes that would "stick" like a magnet to the dolls. I would spend hours creating different outfits.
Love all your sweet Easter gift finds!

Penny said...

Oh yay, such fun things! I love the paper dolls too, I have one of my own!!!

helena / little mo said...

Hehe!! Thanks Rebecca! Penny's pencil cases are cool, I have one too...mine's orange!!! :D

Leah said...

Love them all, the bracelets are very cute!

Trudi - Me and Ewe said...

I recon any one of those gifts would be better than nasty easter egg chocolate...

Have you seen over at small acorns. Maybe your nieces would like to enter?

red or gray art said...

such a special collection of spring...

birds as always where i am..

Chrisy said...

well I'm all grown up and I'd love to receive any of these myself!

Emma said...

How did you do the arms on the clothes-pin dolls? The only instructions I found are to use pipe cleaners, but I don't think they look very nice. How do you do the arms on yours?
: )

lauren carney said...

well howdy doo miss bec!
just thought id drop by and let you know, that your blog is rather splendid :)
the photos are so vibrant, and your creations are outstanding.

happy crafting,
have fun being wonderful! x