Monday, December 14, 2009

3 Quick Questions: Dandelion

Who could resist those eyes and that soft, soft alpaca blanketing? Who doesn't wish they owned that sweet green cardigan and pretty skirt? If you haven't ventured into the lovely world of Dandelion yet consider this a little entree...

What inspired you to start creating?

I've always loved making things and growing up in a family of artists it has been a very natural process. My grandmother taught me to sew and knit and is still such an inspiration to me today. Three years ago I started trying to create some kind of soft toy that was individual, made with recycled materials and that could be loved and become part of a child's life, their history. I then discovered the beautiful alpaca offcuts from the Creswick Woollen Mills and the Blanket Bunnies were born.

Making the bunnies has been such a great experience as I have refined their look and am so happy with how they have evolved. Each one is different and I really enjoy matching up colours, fabric and personalities. I also love making other little things like brooches, cards and my lavender filled Love Hearts.

If you could spend more time on one thing, what would it be?

What I should really say here is TIDYING up and REORGANISING my sewing room which looks like a cyclone has hit it! But also I would love to have some more time to make great tags, labels and packaging. I really enjoy this aspect of creating but often don't have enough time.

What's next for Dandelion?

That's a good question. I will be having a good think about this over the summer holidays while I quietly work on my bunnies. I have my work in a couple of shops now and with commissions and markets I'm really as busy as I want to be. I have five children, I am also studying & running a small organic garlic business with a friend so I can't take on too much more. I hope to get more Dandelion bunnies out in the world, luckily I can work on them at home while the kids and life whirl around me. I feel really lucky and happy that I get to be creative and have lots of variety in my life. Its often a bit hectic but also really satisfying and fun!

For more Dandelion fun check out Beck's blog.


Hawk and Weasel said...

Oh, I love bunnies! They are all so cute but I think the bottom picture is the best one.

mel @ loved handmade said...

Thankyou for sharing! I love Beck's blog, always a joy to read & admire her gorgeous work...

Unknown said...
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