Friday, September 4, 2009

3 Quick Questions: Mingus Designs

In 2006 I was taking a lunch break from a long day at the Melbourne Art Fair, I came across Little Salon and fell in love with the cutest brooch I had ever seen. That moment was my introduction to the world of Mingus Designs and the little white leather hippo with stitched eyes soon became my most worn brooch. Mingus Designs has come a long way since then. Dear, the talent behind it all, was kind enough to answer my three quick questions:

What inspired you to start creating?

I have always enjoyed creating. I enjoy the whole process of creating somethin
g from start to finish and the combination of creativity in terms of designing and experimenting and the methodical aspect when it comes to sewing or screen printing my fabrics. Seeing the finished product is still very exciting for me.

If you could spend more time on one thing what would it be?

At the moment I also work full time so sometimes it gets very frustrating when I find myself short on time to print and sew. Eventually Mingus Designs will be the only thing that I will be concentrating on in the future!
Flip Flap Bag

What's next for Mingus Designs?

Next year I will be looking into printing a range of fabric for people to purchase as well as expanding the range of purses and bags.

Check out Dear's full range of products and a list of stockists at Mingus Designs.


Gina said...

I really love Mingus designs too... absolutely beautiful stuff. Dear's white leather stitched birdie brooch was MY first brooch I think!! All the printing is gorgeous...

Kylie said...

Wow - it's so exciting to see someone so organised and creating such amazing stuff! Just lovely :) Thanks for this Rebecca. K

Elizabeth said...

what pretty and fun things!

i am really enjoying your "3 quick questions" posts!