Saturday, July 25, 2009

Saturday Shopping List

The best thing about buying re-cycled/up-cycled products is your own personal justification that a little bit of indulgent retail therapy is helping the planet.

1. Basic Upcycled Long Purse / Wallet No.10 from Notty Pooch Design

2. Pretty in Pink (and blue and white) bag from Lamp & Motor
Lamp & Motor is a new Brisbane based etsy shop where you can indulge in very special one-off handbags created from gorgeous recycled and 'found' vintage and kitsch fabric. Take a closer look at the little fan detail on this bag – very cute.

3. Suave 70's Mini Notebook from Jellygnite

4. Love Is All Around Recycled Long Tshirt Dress from fink

And, I simply can't send you all off on a re-purposed shopping spree without mention of these two very special etsians:

Fabulous and brilliant solutions to re-purposing supermarket non-woven green bags over at Chicuff including cuffs, hair pins, rings and wallets.

And finally, the etsy sellers I have to show the most restraint around for fear of spending all grocery shopping money for the week, Bec and Jade have a new range of Pochettes in store and they're just too good. I need to turn off the computer now before my hand accidently slips on the mouse while it's hovering over add to cart. For a closer look pop over to Beckybean.

For more etsy treats or to show off your weekly faves check out Charlotte's place.


Huey said...

Hi Rebecca!

Thanks so much for featuring our wallet! :)

Kylie said...

Love that T-shirt dress - the styling and everything with that cute little choker too is so gorgeous! (Wish I was young enough to wear it without looking ridiculous!!) :) K

Chrisy said...

That first purse is really interesting...

Anonymous said...

Hmmm... I think my grocery shopping money is now in danger of being compromised too. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous items. I just love that fabric from Beckybean's new range.