Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The Linen Quest: a comparison

The Linen Quest is finally back! A little while ago I promised to provide a better comparison of colour so here's a little peek into my notebook. The white background should give a better comparison.

Ok, so working down each page:

1. This swatch is from a remnant I picked up a few years ago from Ewan Gardams which has since closed down and I was never able to find the same linen there again so I haven't reviewed it and not sure how helpful a review of it would be anyway. However, if I find something similar then I will.

2. Thea & Sami reviewed here.

3. Duckcloth - review from a fellow blogger coming soon! If you're in Australia and you want the superbuzzy linen (medium weight) I would suggest getting this one instead. It's the same colour and weight.

4. Sckafs - review coming soon!

5. Tessuti (white) - review coming soon!

6. Quilt Fabric Delights reviewed here.

7. Tessuti (fawn) - review coming soon!

8. Superbuzzy reviewed here.

9. Kelani reviewed here.

10. Duckcloth hemp - review coming soon! I'll also be reviewing the Duckcloth organic cottons.

If there is a linen listed here that you are desperate to hear more about leave a comment and I'll review it first.

Have you purchased linen recently? Would you like to be a guest blogger for The Linen Quest? Leave me a comment with your details or contact me directly via the email contact in my sidebar to take part!


Kylie said...

Fabulous resource Rebecca - thank you so much!
:) K

mimoo said...

Great article Rebecca! I will eb sure to post an update about mathilda's market next week and I think I will be all marketed out by then! :-)

Sandrine said...

Great Rebecca! I am looking for Linen voile would you have come across something like that in your study?;)

Tania said...

Hearty thanks to you for all your starlet researchings!

handmaiden said...

thanks rebecca for all yr hard work, hoping to use this in the future when i do some Zakka craft

Jenna said...

Amazing - those samples are all so gorgeous!

edward and lilly said...

Thanks everyone.

Sandrine, I haven't come across linen voile but if I do I'll let you know. You could try as they have a great range of beautiful fabric.

Cath from chunkychooky said...

this is a great help! thanks!!!

Peta said...

incase you were wondering gardems hasn't closed down, its moved to indooroopilly.

also i think there is one in toowoomba.

edward and lilly said...

Thanks Peta, I had no idea! I clearly need to get out into the burbs more :) said...

Good article! I love it. Linen is my favorite fabric, it is natural and i like to wear environment friendly clothes.

Michelle said...

Perfect! I love linens and have wondered about the differences. I'm curious about the linen/cotton from Ink and Spindle

Have you tried it at all?

edward and lilly said...

Thank you so much Michelle, I didn't realise they were selling this. I will definitely be buying some. It looks lovely!

marelle said...

Ewan Gardams has closed down?! i had no idea...although, i haven't been into the city for yonks!

that's so sad....i always loved seeing their window displays.

...oh well.

Elizabeth said...

Linen has got to be my favorite texture. And this roundup makes me really happy.