Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Travel Tuesday: Korean Banquet, Gwangju, South Korea

Also known as Hanjeongsik, this is a full-course Korean banquet. It's made up of loads of side dishes (banchan) which include fish, meat, fermented vegetables (kimchi) and rice. A bowl of boiling soup sits in the centre of the table and a large plate of green leafy vegetables lies to the side for wrapping a selection of kimchi in. Korean chopsticks and the rice bowl are both made of metal. You're not expected to eat everything in sight, oh, and unlike China, don't lift your rice bowl from the table when eating!


Anonymous said...

hey...it would have been good to do an "after" picture! ...see how much u did eat...I actually like Korean Food I have been to Seoul once

Anonymous said...

so is this is bris? if so where??? do tell.