Thursday, October 23, 2008

Flickr Friend: Black Crow

1. ben, 2. george, 3. Kat's party, she is such a flirt!, 4. David

I discovered Black Crow a while ago on flickr and was blown away not just by these cute little faces but by how great they look in their surroundings.

For more go check out her blog little arty crafty crow.


Grace Garton said...

Hi Rebecca!
Oh hello....I know these guys!!
Thanks for letting me know. :)

The Bunny Maker said...

the fourth one is really cute but the elephanty one with the pinocchio nose scares the hell out of me! LOL!

angelique said...

They are very cute.I keep hinting to my husband I would like one of her creations for xmas. He isn't listening I can tell.