Thursday, April 3, 2008

random musings

i went to the launch of the queensland festival of photography last night and opening of the annie hogan exhibition at mob. the exhibition is quite good although some of it is poorly framed, not so good for photographic work.

we went antique shopping on the weekend and mum bought me this gorgeous cabinet for my birthday later in the month. i love it so much and it has solved some of the major storage issues at our place.

her birthday is 2 days before mine so i've made her these cushions for her couch. they'll look much better at her place, for one thing her cushions are bigger so they won't look all floppy like they do on my little cushions and her couch is a beautiful shade of blue.

this guy landed on little L the other weekend (that's good luck right?), he/she has inspired a future project to add to the millions I have jotted down in my notebook.

and finally, this is what the sky looks like at the moment just before 6pm in Brisbane (view from our balcony). it only lasts for about 5 minutes but if you catch it you'll witness the most amazing contrast of blue and orange.

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bettyninja said...

Wonderful sunset. The cupboard is so nice! I have a semi similar one that I just love.