Friday, April 4, 2008

what happens when you give a 3 year old a camera

i like watching kids draw. they have no inhibitions about what they're doing. it doesn't matter what it looks like. it's simply their take on the world. i love the way their drawings look totally abstract to me but make perfect sense to them. that's what i love about these photos taken by my niece. a record of how she saw the world that day in the park. total abandon for how a photo 'should look'. it inspires me. i'd love to get back to that creative state of mind again.

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bettyninja said...

It is so amazing to see what kids will photograph. When i used to nanny I would give the little boy that I watched a disposable camera for special occassions and the photos were all hilarious. He wouldn't think about not pointing the camera at lights or getting to close to things. Also, just seeing the world from under three feet tall is quite funny too.