Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Much of a muchness

After much deliberation I finally decided on these books for my travel reading. I think it's a pretty good selection and maybe I can trade them with other backpackers for their books when I'm done with them.

The Lonely Planet also received a bit of a make over last night, hopefully this will make us look a little less like tourists when we need to whip it out. Oh yeah, it's previous life was as 2 placemats.

And I'm finally getting there with the pre-sewing madness for the birthdays while I'm away.

This is Ruby Doll and you can whip her up in no time using the pattern at http://oneredrobin.com/

I had to add a skirt because she was looking a little too bulbous around the hip region. And because she's going to a bookworm she has her own little book to read which also doubles up as a brooch (details in the next blog entry). She'll have a home in the front pocket of a library bag but more about that later too.

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