Wednesday, March 4, 2015

basket weaving workshops brisbane

Basket weaving workshops are back! I'll be running 2 workshops this weekend at The Nest. Upcycle your fabric stash, old clothes or old sheets into beautiful and functional bowls and baskets. All materials are provided or bring along your own to suit your style.

Exposed Core Basket Weaving
Saturday 7 March, 9:30am-12:30pm
Book here

Lazy Stitch Basket Weaving
Saturday 7 March, 2-5pm
Book here

See you there!


Thomas Maloney said...

While really quite pretty, not really useful for storage unless you make it in a much bigger scale isn't it?

ThomasMaloney said...

On second hand, once you have the technique you can kind of create self storage woven baskets in whatever sized pod you'd like! Haha! said...

I like the small, colored storage baskets. It is quite difficult and time consumer to make one like this.

Thomas Maloney said...

I love to DIY especially with old fabrics and other stash that are too good to be disposed of. I think these baskets make great storage containers for the knick knacks I have lying around the house or even as gifts or souvenirs to friends and family who come and visit.

Gay Bateman said...

DIYs are my favourite things in the world! Unfortunately, I spend a lot of time writing for gengo translation, so I usually have no time and energy for other creative things.

Carruth Vallecillo said...

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