Tuesday, October 14, 2014

spring weaving session 2: lazy stitch

I'm enjoying the Spring basket weaving sessions so much and am especially looking forward to sharing lazy stitch in particular. It's such a great way to use up or upcycle bits of yarn and fabric.

Lazy Stitch
Date: Sunday 19 October, 1-5pm
All sessions will be held at The Craft Nest at 30 Fallon Cottage, Fallon Street, Everton Park. The cost for each session is $50 and includes afternoon tea. Participants are encouraged to bring their own materials to suit their style however there will also be extra materials available free of charge for you to experiment with.

The third and final session is:

Navajo Stitch
Date: Sunday 30 November, 1-5pm

Bookings for both sessions can be made by emailing rebecca@edwardandlilly.com.

I hope to see you there!

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