Sunday, June 15, 2014

Brisbane Etsy Craft Party 2014: The Pics

Just popping in to share some pics from our Etsy Craft Party, a global event where everyone gets together to craft. The video, if you missed it sums everything up and can be viewed here. The amazing cake above was made by Cake Tart.

The theme for the night was Recapture: Bring new life to your old photographs.

The stitching table above was my zone for the night and everyone did an amazing job of adding detailed stitches to their pics.

Zombified parents, love this one!

The paper cutting, illustrating, calligraphy, collage table.

Our make-shift photo booth :)

The gals behind the scenes, I loved working with Jules (and Jon) of Sconnie and Jam and Trudy of Trudy Florence on this amazing event.

Everyone received a super crafty goodie bag at the end!

Here's a few photographs I worked on in the lead up to the event as examples, I really enjoyed creating these, it's always nice to stitch in a different medium:

That's my Pop on the right.

 I thought I'd have a go at creating a loom weaving on this one, a little trickier than stitching but I like the results, this one is still a work in progress... and that's my Pop on the right again :)

Country Boy strawberry picking in Stanthorpe.

And I'm super happy with this one of my nieces (well 4 of them), I think it definitely inspired some rainbow stitching after doing the rounds on Etsy in the lead up. I think I'll be gifting it to rainbow niece in front for her birthday and I have plans for variations on this pic for the other three too.

If you're in Brisbane you do not want to miss the next MAD craft party, you can keep updated here. I can't wait!!

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