Wednesday, February 19, 2014

loom weaving workshop

For me understanding how fabric is constructed and the history behind it has been a really important process in my practice. That's what I love about sharing the history and process of weaving a small textile piece. At Carindale Library on the weekend I went through this process with a great group of women and their daughters.

It was a very calm and peaceful two hours and one of the easiest workshops I've ever run. The feedback was wonderful; from gratitude at being able to share crafting time between mother and daughter to comments on the value of taking time out to weave with women. I think everyone left feeling very centred and re-energised which made my day :)

Thanks as always to the women who came along and contributed to a lovely afternoon and also to my lovely loom-weaving Country Boy for helping me teach and for capturing some beautiful moments :)

For more workshops check out the full Art Bites program here.

All photos courtesy Wayne Dring.

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