Monday, January 20, 2014

woodford folk festival wrap up

I'm settled back in Brisbane this week for a few days before heading to India which I'm very excited about. I hope you've all had an amazing, inspiring and creative start to the new year, I'll be popping in here a bit this week to document all the creative happenings and travels in my little world since Christmas.

We had a fabulous time taking the Brisbane chapter of Brown Owls to Woodford Folk Festival over the Christmas break sharing good things like rubber stamp making, macramé, 17th century fabric buttons/brooches and basket weaving with fabric. It was so much fun for us to share this special time with my sister and her two beautiful girls who just moved back from two years at Lockhart River.

A huge thank you to Melissa and the wonderful team at Woodford Folk Festival for having Brown Owls along and to all the wonderful workshop participants I was lucky enough to share my time at Woodford with. We couldn't have asked for a more inspiring start to 2014!

'Aunty Wayne' (aka country boy) teaching my niece to juggle at Circadia

 Imagine the Land ephemeral art installation in progress at Artisania

Wang Wen-Chih's Bamboo sculpture project

We had the chance to participate in Dyani from Little Deer Creations paper bead rolling workshop, this was great fun and hopefully coming to a Brisbane Brown Owls meet up this year!

Our meeting spot and where we couldn't help but shop up a storm, Little Deer Creations fabulous eco friendly stall

 Country Boy drumming up a storm with my nieces to celebrate the new year

We would have been filled with regret if we didn't bring Senorita home with us hand crafted by the extremely talented marionette maker The Squeaking Tribe.

There's lots more to show and tell but that's more than enough for one post :)

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