Thursday, June 27, 2013

eco crafts for kids

It's school holiday time here and soon to be down south too! With 5 nieces under 10 "Aunty Crafty" likes to be prepared in case a crafternoon is in order! I picked out a few of my favourite projects, the projects that I know I will have things lying around the house to pull them off at a moment's notice (and that I know the girls will think are "cool").

I almost bought some knitting nancys recently for the girls and now that I've seen these awesome diy toilet roll ones I'm so glad I didn't! My Material Life has some great resources for how to make them, how to use them and what to do with your knitted 'sock'. Start at this post and work your way through the links.

Weaving is trending big time at the moment and I am loving the re-use of cardboard to create a quick loom of any size! This is a really sweet craft that the older girls will love. Made by Joel has an excellent photo tutorial here.

Since we're talking all things yarny and weaving I have to mention God's Eyes! And if the girls really feel the need to leave them hanging around my little home that's totally fine ;) There's a super simple photo diy with some pretty girly pics at Coyote Negro. Made with sticks here but also a great way to re-use paddle pop sticks and left over bits of yarn or string.

Another cute re-use for toilet rolls, pretty heart stamps for the littlest, need I say more :)
Rust & Sunshine has the low down here.

This is one of my latest faves and I'm so happy to have found a re-use for the little styrofoam trays we seem to have accumulated at home. I also have loads of jar lids which I'll use instead of the bottle caps. Check out super clever A Little Learning for Two for all the details.

And finally because I know there are usually loads of washers down at Reverse Garbage these necklaces are super cute, I'm pretty sure there will be more design ideas that come out of this one too! Check out the photo tutorials at Design Mom.

There's lots more great ideas for re-using bits and pieces around the home on my Kids Crafternoon Pinterest board

Have fun and let me know if you have any other great eco crafts for kids or if you try any of these at home!


Bec said...

Fantastic Bec, happy crafting. We're going to try weaving using old CDs and I love the cardboard looms too.

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