Thursday, April 4, 2013

shop update

As usual I've been having way too much fun stitching things that I love, that I want to wear, that complement my wardrobe and that I enjoy every step of the way from my first little sketches to sourcing materials to extensive research to that final moment when I finish an item and fall in love with it :)

Like everyone else though I have bills to pay, an oven to fix, a broken hot water system, a garden to grow and my health to invest in so all my creative goodness ends up in my little shop :)

Good news for you and good news for me too, because at the end of the day I love the thrill of knowing someone out there loves and wants to wear my little creations as much as me :)

All of my new brooches are one of a kind but don't worry I have about a hundred ideas per day so you won't miss out ;)

1 comment:

moose and bird said...

You're such a talent! I love them all. Hope you sell out so you can fix your oven and hot water system before winter x