Friday, August 12, 2011

i'm loving

goanna in the roof

spending weekends in the country where everything is so blissful and heavenly it makes me pass out (yes, literally... may have been too much country air for an over-worked city girl...);


finding out that Kylie's beautiful 3 sheets shop has re-opened and is stocked with the most heavenly triangle crochet cushions, love her love for geometric patterning;

visual delicacies on instagram, it's been especially nice seeing what ellie from petalplum has been up to since her move from the big smoke :)

Lilla Jizo's healing shards and stones, I love the beach pottery owls, just looking at them makes me feel all zen.

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Kylie said...

You have such a great eye, Rebecca - I love your finds :) Thanks for the wonderful mention too - you are so generous :) Kx