Friday, June 19, 2009

Saturday Shopping List

This morning's inspiration: memories of the streets of Berlin.

1. Telespargel - Fernsehturm East Berlin Germany - Photography printed on wood - Postcard from beagleberlin

2. SALENeukoelln Forever Necklace from Rose, red Rose...

3. Berlin, Germany from Destination Yarn

4. Berlin, Germany - the Ampelmann - Photography Print from Yann Pendaries

For more shopping lists or to play along pop over to Charlotte's.


Kylie said...

Beautiful combination, Rebecca - are you hinting of a future trip? I think Berlin would be fascinating. K

Schaufensterbabe said...

Great finds! Thanks for adding my necklace to the mix. :) Nice blog as well. Cheers!

Unknown said...

What a gorgeous list! I love the beautiful shades of green. That yarn is just delightful. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
Sophie x

Yann said...

Thank you very much Rebecca for featuring my photograph!
Love from Paris

edward and lilly said...

Thanks everyone.

Kylie, alas no future trip planned yet. Just a trip down memory lane and a dream that I'll get back there soon.

Jenifir said...

Great collection of images. The Telesprgel looks like a giant knitting needle. My husband brought our Number 3 Ampelmann stuff back from his visit to Berlin last fall. Thanks for your comment on my latest thrift fimds post. I did not think I should comment on your posts that are more geographically specific i.e. Brisbane related - I still feel new to blog protocol.

apple cyder said...

i used to have an ampelmann t-shirt. love that little east german guy!