Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Letter Writers Alliance

When I was a kid letter writing was really cool, my sisters and I had a stationery and sticker collection for writing letters to our cousins and friends interstate, at one point we even had international penpals!

I have to confess I haven't written a letter or even thought about it since I was about 15 so when I stumbled across the Letter Writers Alliance all of my letter writing memories came flooding back. The crispness of beautifully designed stationery, curvy handwriting, airmail and international postage stamps.

Thanks to LWA I now have two penpals but no stationery! And I'm finding letter writing sets a little difficult to come by in the city. Do you know of any good online/etsy shops that sell letter writing sets? You do? Well, you know what to do, leave me a comment with the link :)


CurlyPops said...

I saw some letter writing kits while I was at the post office today and I was thinking to myself that they're really unusual these days.

Gillian said...

I love stationery!! I found this website a while back - they have great stationery sets!,books/path,3-61-189/title,Stationery-Collections/

Liz Cox said...
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Liz Cox said...

Hi there! Thank you for leaving your lovely message on my blog - very sweet. I love the writing sets from Poppies for Grace:

They're a small Australian design company which makes it even better. Very original and beautiful things. Good luck with the writing :)

Louise said...


I also love letter writing! My dad and I were saying how sad it is that no-one ever writes anymore, and how we will lose the gift of beautiful handwriting!

Would you be able to send me your address?

I have been working on a little something, and it has no place to go...I think from your post that you might appreciate it!

Lou :)

Cathy {tinniegirl} said...

What a great idea. Thanks for the link. I don't have any stationary suggestions for you unfortunately but I will keep an eye out.

Selina said...

I cant help either sorry but I think thats so great you are getting involved in letter writing, such a pity we dont take time to do it anymore.

Em said...

Hi there,
I love the things from Annette at nut and bee
x Em

Em said...
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