Friday, March 7, 2008

if there were 9 days in a week

in case you were wondering why little posts pop up randomly of cities in europe it's because those are the days when i have nothing exciting to blog about and so i share my photos from the trip we took few months ago. actually, we prefer to refer to it as an epic rather than a trip. fortunately today i have a few things to blab about.

like how easy it was to make this wrap skirt from craft 6. this is the first item of clothing i've ever made and i have to say it was fool proof, seriously my nieces could do it.

i thought it might turn out a little unco, lopsided or bulky in some parts but it's perfect. and it feels so nice on. yep, even though it's a gift for C i just had to try it on.

now i just need an eighth day in the week to make one for me.

in other people's news i now have 72 feeds on my bloglines. craaazy!! but i feel like i can't cull any because what if one day someone writes about something so amazing that it inspires something within me. if i could take my computer to bed to read i would. can anyone else relate to this?

it also occurred to me this week that all i seem to make lately are gifts for upcoming birthdays, easter, whatever and i need to focus my energy on what i really love, what is distinctive, what will eventually set me apart. the only problem is the thing i love is probably the most time consuming creative thing i do. where's that ninth day?

i'm also considering getting a gocco printing machine thingy (yeah, clearly i don't know enough to jump in and buy one yet so if anyone has any tips on this one let me know). i just feel it would make life a little easier for some projects, like cards, and give me a bit of instant creative satisfaction. think i'll sleep on it for a week then decide, maybe even do a little research.

finally this arrived from here. i love the simplicity of it. what a great concept.

ooh, also i'm going to the queensland ballet production of a midsummer night's dream tonight, yay!

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