Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Documenta 12, Kassel, Germany

Some highlights from Documenta 12 in Kassel.

Ines Doujak's Siegesgarten, a 17 metre long flower bed dealing with colonialism;

The fine detail of white silk embroidered with Hu Xiaoyuan's hair in her work A keepsake I cannot give away;

Sharing our lunch with a local;

The slow and methodical movements in the Trisha Brown performance Floor of the Forest;

The curve of Ai Weiwei's outdoor sculpture Template after it collapsed during a storm;

The breathtaking gardens around Museum Fridericianum;

Oversized stuffies in Cosima von Bonin's installation Relax – it's only a Ghost;

Stepping inside the thoughts of Mary Kelly and Ray Barrie's Love Songs: Multi Story House;

The peaceful surroundings of Kassel;

Iole de Freitas' Untitled inside Museum Fridericianum ...

and outside;

and finally, a detail of Sanja Iveković's bright red field of poppies.

While there were some curatorial disappointments of Documenta 12, it was still worth the visit and the town of Kassel itself provides a visually pleasing getaway.


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