Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank you Ireland

I've always been much better with email than postcards while away but on our trip I decided to give postcards one last chance. I was very dedicated: buying postcards in each city, writing on them during train trips and storing them safely until I had a chance to get to a post office. Unfortunately I never got as far as the post office and half way through the trip I lost all the postcards I had written on, I'm still unsure if I left them on a train, in a hostel or at some random city site.
You can imagine my surprise when a month after we flew home (2 months after losing the postcards!) people started thanking me for their postcard. I immediately assumed I had some sort of memory lapse and actually did enter a post office although I had no recollection of doing so. After racking my brain I had to see one of these postcards for myself to be sure. It turns out my memory was fine, each postcard was sent from Ireland, a country we didn't visit. So, whoever you are out there thank you for finding my postcards and taking the time to send them.

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