Saturday, August 25, 2007

Just hanging out

Cats, originally uploaded by edwardandlilly.

It's been a busy week planning our trip and catching up with family and friends before we head off. Only 3 weeks today till we leave. I believe I'm at the awareness/shock stage now where I've realised in 3 weeks time I'm going to have a 2 month holiday. I think the next stage is panic/chaos but it will be worth it.

So, before I go there are a number of projects I need to finish off including gifts for birthdays that fall during the time we are away, a book cover for our lonely planet so we don't look completely like tourists, a scarf for James and a knitted headband on order. Could be tight.

This week was an online extravaganza. I joined Indiepublic which is the best creative answer to My Space ever and Facebook where I caught up with some old friends.

These little felt kitties were made for Leila and Ava so they had a present to open on Chloe's birthday. Both kitties received kisses and a day out at Movie World. The pattern is from Craft Issue #3.

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